Upper Darby Township Trails

A few of the dozens of participants in the first Upper Darby Trail Day hike upstream along Darby Creek
Kent Park
Upper Darby is the largest Township in Delaware Darby Creek. In the northwest corner of the township there is a nice walk along the creek. The sewer authority keeps a wide path clear from State and Township Line roads (by the Hess station) through Pilgrim Park up into Haverford Township by the end of Burmont Road. Rather than walk through an area near the south end that can be muddy at times, bear west along the rear fence of the tennis club and then walk upstream along the bank of the creek from there.

County. It also has the greatest population. Despite this, there are a number of informal trails in Upper Darby along

Along Darby Creek in Pilgram Park, north of
State and Township Line roads
South of there, another section of Darby Creek is accessible southward from Bloomfield and Rosemont avenues down an access road into the township's Addingham Tract and passing under the Garrett Road bridge.

A third section can be accessed by walking along Swedish Cabin. There is also a path along the creek within Kent Park, a bit downstream off of Bridge Street. (When the county's trail improvement project connecting Kent Park to the Swedish Cabin begins, there may be blockages from time to time in these areas.)
Creek Road west from Dennison Avenue and Blanchard Avenue, all the way upstream to the historic

Collenbrook Trail is a great little green space in Drexel Hill, and is adjacent to one of the last remaining privately owned forrested areas of Drexel Hill, the Monzino estate.
Along the Naylor's Run corridor, you can explore Naylor's Run Park, north of Garrett Road, which includes a section of the former Newtown Square Branch rail line. Southward from the same area, there is a walkable straight paththat leads southward along the west side of Naylor's Run to Marshall Road and the Beverly Hills Recreation Area. Other stretches along the former rail line are also walkable on an informal basis.

Don't forget the lovely walks and runs possible on the roadways within the beautiful Arlington Cemetery, which have long been popular with the neighbors. Please respect cemetery hours.

In nearby Lansdowne Borough you can walk through Hoffman Park and Shrigley Park, both along Scottdale Road south off Baltimore Avenue, as well as along some steep paths in Pennock Woods Park, off the end of Pennock Terrace.

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