Rose Valley Trails

Rose Valley us a small, historic borough that covers just.73 sq. mi. It was founded in 1901 as an Arts and Crafts community by architect Will Price who bought 80 acres around a former textile mill. Rose Valley is home to the famed Hedgerow Theater, the first repertory theater in the America.

Former home of architect Will Price
There is an historic tour lead by one of the members of the Rose
Valley Historical Society that takes you through the streets and back yards of area, past the famed Thunderbird Lodge (now the Rose Valley Arts and Crafts Museum, over a bridge across Minguas Run, and down a lane to the “Old Mill” a venue for weddings and events, to the rustic School in Rose Valley, and past the houses designed or with additions by Will Price. It is worth a trip to see the architecture, and experience the feeling of the time 100 years ago, as not much has changed.

Parking is available at the Old Mill (when events are not in progress), the School in Rose Valley (on weekends), and the Hedgerow Theatre (when performances are not planned or in progress.

For information, visit, or (484) 444-2961

Rose Valley Museum at the Thunderbird Lodge