Newlin Grist Mill

Newlin Grist Mill offers 8.5 miles of trails that blend natural beauty, environmental diversity, and cultural history. The trails pass through an array of diverse habitats from  upland grasslands to river bottom wetlands, each offering its own varieties of plants and animals.

7 trails offer different views and experiences:

Industrial Trail – 1.6 miles, easy

Offers a walk through NGN’s forgotten industrial past.  Following the Octorara Railroad, it passes the Markham Station (Visitor Center), railroad bridges, site of a cannery and creamery.  Today it is home to a variety of plants and birds.

The Osage Trail – 0.8 miles, moderate
Named for the distinctive 100-year-old trees along it’s edges, it is a living connection with prehistoric megafauna like mastodons and giant sloths which used them as a food source.  These trees form a natural tunnel along its edges.

The Beech Trail – 0.8 miles, moderate

This trail offers paths through the grove of Metasequoias, trees known only as fossils until 1949. This native hardwood forest is populated with Beech, Oak, Hickory, Maple and Poplar.  Forest-loving species like nuthatches, woodpeckers and titmice are found here and the hillside is a good place to see native wildflowers in the spring.

The Sequoia Trail – 1.4 miles, easy

This trail offers paths through the Metasequoia grove, a tree only know as fossils until
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1949.  Explore the former Christmas Tree Farm that is now a mature conifer forest.

Forest Trail – 1.2 miles, moderate

This winds through a series of forests and grasslands.  The forested areas were farmland in the early 20th century and since have been reclaimed by nature.  White-tailed deer, red fox and bluebirds are seen in this area.

Mill Race Trail – 0.9 miles, easy
The trail gets its name from the races (canals) that carry water to the Grist Mill.  Explore the dams, gates, and races that regulate and deliver water to the water wheel.  Along the trail are the Beech Forest and Frog Pond.  Woodpeckers, chickadees, wrens, and warblers are seen on this trail.

Creek Trail – 1.1 miles, easy with stepping stones
Hike along the waters of the Chester Creek and Concord Creek using three stepping stone crossing. Walk through a streamside forest dominated by Sycamore trees, and visit NGM’s reforestation areas.  Kingfishers and herons can be seen fishing in the stream.

Trout fishing has become a well-loved and enjoyable feature of the park.

Both pond and stream fishing are available from the opening of the Delaware County, Pennsylvania trout fishing season through October, conditions permitting.

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Newlin Grist Mill
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