Darlington Trail

Though the trail is pet friendly, the railroad bridge crossing over Chester Creek
may be daunting for dogs or young children
The Darlington Trail is most
accessible from the parking lot on Darlington Road. The trail follows Chester Creek for several hundred yards, crosses and follows an old railroad right-of-way, and then crosses portions of the Darlington Family Dairy through mixed woods. meadows and farmland, returning to Darlington Road or continuing on a similar perimeter trail. The loop is approximately 203/4 miles and the terrain is varied with flat and steeper sections that provide excellent views of Chester Creek.

The trail links to the Rocky Run Trail with a portion of it on the Wawa Preserve that is a property maintained by Natural Lands Trust. The grounds that follow the Creek are maintained and planted by the CRC Watersheds Association, a non-profit that manages the Chester, Ridley and Crum Creek watersheds.

The Rocky Run Trail intersects with the Darlington Trail and runs along Chester Creek and the railroad track and has few incline and is very flat.