Brandywine Museum of Art River Trail

Alluvial Forest
The river trail begins at the corner of the parking lot near the Museum on the river side. The walk goes from this starting point to the meadow across from the John Chads House. The distance is approximately one mile round trip, or 20 to 30 minutes walking at an average pace.

The trail meanders through an Alluvial Forest with native trees, shrubs and plants and wildlife that includes blue herons, great egrets, northern water snakes and musk turtles.

Just beyond the bridge at Route 1 is a stone mill dam used to channel water from an 1864 grist mill which has been converted into the Museum.

A boardwalk takes you across a wetland area where from an observation deck you can view wood ducks, Carolina wrens, herons and osprey.

Beyond the platform is a floodplain meadow with native grasses and wildflowers.

You can cross the meadow to reach the Chad Ford Historical Society Visitor's Center and the John Chads House.

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